Devon Genetics Canada is the Canadian division of Rockin’ J Ranch. We have Rotokawa Devon breeding stock for sale. They are raised grain and antibiotic free.
”Pure Grass Based Genetics for More Then 40  years

Low Birth Weight- birth weight is under 80lbs

Easy Calving - there has been almost no calving problems

Early Maturity – Rotokawa Devons mature at 15 to 18 months

High Fertility – it is rare that you can not get a cow bred

Very Proponent Bulls - these bulls will put their stamp in their progeny

High Milk Fat - their calves thrive because of the high milk fat

Very Calm - these bulls and cow are very calm

Very efficient Converting Cattle - they will gain much more quickly on pasture or in the feedlot. Rotokawa Devons average 3-4lbs of gain per day on only grass.

Devons are not only good for the gourmet producer, but also for the commercial beef producer:  For the gourmet producer they are great because of their meat quality and quantity. For the commercial producer they have excellent feed conversion.